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Bottoms Up | Set of 4 Coasters

  • $55.00

Start your party off right with a set of our Bottoms Up coasters! This set of 4 acrylic coasters features four different cocktails – a gin & tonic, a dirty martini, vodka soda and a spicy marg! Perfect for spicing up any gathering. Don’t fear the drips and drops – your new set of coasters has you covered!

  • Coasters sold as a set of 4.
  • Size: 4'' Diam x .5'' H
  • Made of acrylic 
  • Handmade with love in Dallas, Texas
  • Use a soft damp cloth to clean and keep inside.
Think of how cute and funny it’ll be when you hand your sister or your friend a vodka soda coaster for their vodka soda. The Bottoms Up coaster set is a fun and original design that is great for parties because everyone will want to get a coaster that coordinates with their drink selection. Each one of the coasters in this set features an image and title of a popular alcoholic beverage. Gin & Tonic, Dirty Martinis, Vodka Soda, and Spicy Margs are delicious and popular drink choices that someone at your party is surely having. The coasters are a fun prop for parties, they’ll start conversations, and they’ll keep your tabletops safe from drink rings.