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Boot Scoot Coasters

  • $30.00

As the great Brooks & Dunn would say, come on baby, let's go boot scootin'! Add a little two-step to your sips with our acrylic coasters. (No spurs required.)

  • Coasters sold as a set of 2, 4 or 6.
  • Size: 4'' Diam x .5'' H 
  • Made of acrylic
  • Handmade with love in Dallas, Texas
  • Use a soft damp cloth to clean and keep inside. 

In Western culture, boot and spur prints are a common decorative element. Images of cowboy footwear, such as boots and spurs, are a common subject in these prints, which are often done in earthy tones like brown, tan, and rust. Western American culture and history inspired the use of boot and spur prints. Boots and spurs were indispensable to ranchers and cowboys working the open range, and over time they came to represent the free and bold attitude of the American West. The usage of these phrases is common when trying to convey an air of Western tradition and history. The traditional western images on this coaster are presented against a pink background, making it cute and unique.