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Golden Gals | Set of 4 Coasters

  • $55.00

Golden Gals Coasters

Thank you for being a friend! Our favorite group of ladies is now our favorite coaster set. Artwork is by Drunk Girl Designs artist, Heather Perry and features our Golden Gals in their best 80's workout wear. BRB while we go binge watch with our best friends!

  • Coasters sold as a set of 4.
  • Size: 4'' Diam x .5'' H
  • Made of acrylic 
  • Handmade with love in Dallas, Texas
  • Use a soft damp cloth to clean and keep inside.

Check out our Golden Gals coasters from the hit TV sitcom. Anyone who was a fan of the show will surely recognize the star's faces on these colorful and intricately designed drink coasters. These coasters also make a great gift for anyone who’s a fan of Golden Gals. Each lady is pictured on a coaster with a garden of flowers in the background. The result is coasters that will stand out for their vibrant colors and detailed illustrations. The exciting hues of this coaster also make them fun coasters for people who don’t even know the show. Although they won’t appreciate the gals as much as they should, they’ll still be satisfied to have them as decorations because of the wonderful design created by Heather Perry.