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Riser Coaster Display

  • $10.00

Our coasters are truly pieces of art, so they should be displayed like it! We believe in that so much, we named our company after it... Tart = Taylor Art, get it?! Use this chic acrylic display to show off your coasters and give them the TLC they deserve! Each display holds up to 4 coasters.

When you purchase a set of our wonderful coasters, you’ll want to make full use of them. Of course, they’re best utilized to prevent drinks from staining tables and counters. But while they’re not being used to reduce drink stains, they can be displayed on the counter with a riser that holds them. When you invest in drink coasters that look really unique, the best way to show them off and allow them to add to the aesthetic of your home is to present them with a riser coaster display. This display is durable and can be used to hold two different sets of coasters at the same time. They’ll keep your coasters organized and together, while also improving the vibe of your home.