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U-Shape Coaster Display

  • $10.00

Our coasters are truly pieces of art, so they should be displayed like it! We believe in that so much, we named our company after it... Tart = Taylor Art, get it?! Use this chic acrylic display to show off your coasters and give them the TLC they deserve! Each display holds up to 4 coasters.

If you have a set of coasters, especially one of the many sets of coasters available on our website, you’ll need a display case for them. Of course, you could always just leave your coasters lying around on the table, but when your coasters are as beautiful as ours are, you’ll want to show them off! The U Shape Coaster Display allows you to comfortably organize any of your coaster sets while they are not being used and show off their amazing designs at the same time. Maybe you don’t have any beverages to put on your coasters, but you still want the coasters to be displayed on your table. Put them in the coaster display and your problem is solved. Also remember that coasters are not a very large product and they come in sets of 2, 4, or 6. This makes them easy to misplace without a display coaster to keep them organized and together.